About Us

Where Did Blanketbooster Come From?

Founder Mark Tipperreiter used to be an overworked, stressed-out employee for a top Fortune 100 company.  Long work days and a busy home life caused him to put a high value on a great night's sleep in order to recharge and do it all over again the next day, but the weight of the bed covers on his feet caused discomfort in his hips, knees, ankles, calves and toes.  

The only alternative was to sleep only on his stomach, dangling his feet off the end of the bed. That wasn't good enough, so Mark designed and built the patented Blanketbooster.  It's a self-assembling framework that spans across the foot of almost any bed, removing the pressure of bed covers on the feet by supporting the covers above the feet like a "tent for the toes".  The result is a more comfortable night's sleep!

Mark holds dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Spanish from Marquette University.  He has an extensive background in high-tech design, construction and construction management.  He has a passion for service to others - he is an Eagle Scout and serves on the board of a local founders-only, peer-to-peer mentorship organization for early-stage entrepreneurs.

Originally from Chicago, Mark relocated to Portland, Oregon to follow his love for the outdoors and promote improved health and wellness.  When he's not enjoying a more comfortable night's sleep, he participates in all manner of outdoor activities - hiking, camping, running, cycling, snowboarding and wakeboarding.